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Episode 55: Boris Grinsson & The Mummy's Shroud

Il-wey!  This past week has been a challenge to cope and adjust with the changing landscape of daily life in Southern California.  While I adjusted well to working remotely - I'm an introvert and love being home - it was tougher to no longer have easy access to basic groceries, such as eggs, pasta, and bread as well as paper products and cleaning supplies.  Empty shelves became a new reality and "social distancing" a buzzword and edict for navigating in a COVID-19 world.  Closing correspondence with "be safe" is a new practice as I try to find a new normalcy.   One way that I am trying to find balance is through art, whether I'm creating it or engaging with it.  This week, I thought I would share the movie poster that was created by French artist Boris Grinsson for THE MUMMY'S SHROUD (1967, John Gilling), which was produced by Hammer Film Productions.  This was the third of four mummy films produced by Hammer being preceded by THE CURSE OF T

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