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Episode 29: Introducing Sarcastic Blue-Eyed Mummy Cat Named Rankle

Il-wey! If you like a mix of baking and macabre and you have a Netflix account, then you have likely already binged watched the first season of The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell this past weekend. If you haven’t, then you may want to rectify this oversight.
Curious Creations is essentially a reality baking show with a loosely structured overarching narrative. Each 30-minute episode showcases three of Christine’s recipes as she welcomes a new houseguest in episode one (“Snacks for Strays”), hosting a birthday party in episode five (“A Cake for Rose”) or laying out an elaborate Halloween banquet (“Halloween Tricks & Treats”). I was not familiar with Christine McConnell prior to the show (she is an Instagram sensation!) but, when I watched the show’s trailer, I was drawn to the series for two reasons. First, her mastery as a baker, sculptor and seamstress, which ticked off my interest in baking shows such as The Great British Baking ShowThe Great British Baking Show Mast…

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