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Episode 36: Ancient Egyptian Gods Get Astral Facelift

Il-wey! As the last vestiges of summer heat were receding and being replaced by cooling winds, my Instagram friend Tarotandabunny contacted me about a Kickstarter campaign featuring ancient Egyptian gods that happened to include a cat mummy.  It did not take me long to decide to back this project, and this past weekend, I received the pins! 

New Zealand artist, Lucia Fusco, created five enamel lapel pins showcasing Bastet, Horus, and Apophis.  Bastet is probably one of the most recognized gods because the Gayer-Anderson cat that is displayed in the British Museum and replicas can be purchased in the museum gift store.  Fusco created two Bastet designs: Cosmo Bastet, reminiscent of the Gayer-Anderson cat, but with gold wings; and a reclining Baby Cosmo Bastet with a glittery cloud pillow.  In the former, one can imagine Bastet, ever the vigilant fierce protector.  In the latter, there is a playfulness in the kitten’s repose, eyes closed and the hint of a smile.  This design comes in b…

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