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Episode 41: First Look, Peter Milligan’s 'Egypt'

Il-wey! In Episode 39, I briefly mentioned I had purchased DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint comic book series Egypt written by Peter Milligan (Hellblazer, Bad Company), and published between August 1995 and February 1996.  The first issue was illustrated by Glyn Dillon and the remaining six issues by Roberto Corona.  This is not Milligan’s only foray into ancient Egypt; he penned Titan’s The Mummy Volume 1: Palimpsest (Titan).  And as mentioned in my prior episode, I was attracted to the title because I seldom find comics centered on this ancient civilization.  
In the opening pages of the first issue, Calvin Klein briefs strewn the streets of New York City as Vincent Me pontificates about his latest failed relationship. Self-absorbed and lacking any desire to claim responsibility for his part in the chain of failures in his life, he takes up with a group of college students thinking he might find his next easy ride.  The students have more than a passive interest in ancient Egypt and spec…

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