Episode 53: Torg Eternity's The Nile Empire Unwrapped!


Last week, a 10-lb. surprise showed up on the stoop: the Torg Eternity special box edition of The Nile Empire campaign.  Although this had been released via its own Kickstarter campaign, I purchased this set as an add-on when Torg held a Kickstarter campaign for their new story, Aysle.  

Let's take a look inside the box (minus the bubble pillows): 

As mentioned above, the box weighed in at 10 lbs. and given the top-down shot, the measurements of the box is 9" width x 12" length x 6.5" height.  

There are three campaigns, a Game Master (GM) screen, and a paperback of stories set in The Nile Empire region.  Let's take a closer look at each book: 

My apologies, I should have taken a photo of the cover.  There are five stories: 

"Dead End" by Shane Lacy Hensley
"Carnival Voice" by Bill Slavicsek
"Cry Havoc" by John Terra
"Crocodilopolis" by Matt Forbeck
"The Land Below" by Stewart Wieck

The appendix includes game statistics for eight villains that are encountered in the stories.

Welcome to The Nile Empire campaign.  "Change Zhi woke.  As his eyes opened he realized he was swinging gently, about two feet off the sandstone floor below.  His hand were tied behind his back and his feet were restrained by rope as well.  His head pounded, very likely caused by the massive fist attached to that gigantic bruiser who knocked Zhi unconscious during a fracas in downtown Cairo..." 

I peeked at the villains and yes, there are mummies: a divine mummy and I suppose a regular mummy.  I recognized several ancient Egyptian gods mentioned throughout the guide, so I'm excited! 

The GM screen includes a two-page screen as well as a trifold stats book for the GM. The character sheets are full size and include a portrait of the character on one side of the sheet and on the flip side, a full-body picture of the character.  There's plenty of information without being overwhelming.

"The Fires of Ra" encompasses a large, multi-layered adventure.

"Delphi Missions" includes ten adventures set throughout the Nile Empire.  These adventures can be compared with side missions/quests, so these are good for "fill-in" or to extend the main campaign.

The GM pack has The Nile Empire map, character cards, and gaming tokens.

A close-up of the possibility tokens.  Regrettably, the photo doesn't show it well, but the tokens have an iridescence sheen to them.

Gaming cards.....

... and a soundtrack to set the mood!

Here's everything that's in the box. I cannot wait to try out the campaign! 

Who else has this campaign set? What do you think of the campaign stories? 


All photos by the author. 


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