Episode 48: Old Magazines Found at Long Beach Comic Expo

Il-wey! Yesterday, I attended the Long Beach Comic Expo held at the Long Beach Convention Center in downtown Long Beach, California.  I was looking forward to catching up with the fine talent of Scary Tales Publishing as well as conduct my usual search for all things related to mummies in Artist Alley and the exhibition vendors.  Regrettably, Scary Tales did not have a booth presence this year, but I found a few treasures over at FVF Comics and McFly’s Comics operated by Brad Sloan and Cal Burke respectively.  Both gentlemen had well organized booths so searching through their stock of magazines and comics was a pleasure.  As a result, I purchased five magazines, four were directly relevant to this blog while the other I bough specifically because the cover art was gorgeous.  

Here’s a recap of my mummy finds: 

“Curse of the Mummy’s Hand”
Ripley’s Believe It or Not! True-Weird, Volume 1 (Gero Publishing)
June 1966

Plus, special mention to “The Queen who was Crowned After She Was Dead!”

“The Mummy: Im-Ho-Tep” Part II
Famous Monsters #144 (Warren Magazine)
June 1978

“The Awakening: It’ll Open Your Eyes!”
Famous Monsters #170 (Warren Magazine)
January 1981

“The Mummy Walks” 
Eerie #137 (Warren Magazine)
December 1982

I’m looking forward to reading all the articles showcased above and reporting on them in the weeks to come. 

Additional items I purchased: 


All images by author. 


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